What is a Prosthetic Device?

A prosthetic (or prostheses) is often referred to as an artificial limb that is applied to the body to replace something that has been lost through accident or disease, or was missing at birth. Floyd Brace Company provides preparatory and definitive prostheses for above-the-knee prosthetics, below-the-knee prosthetics and all levels of amputation. These prosthetic devices from Floyd Brace are designed to match the functional goals and needs of each patient to improve the quality of their lives.

Choosing the Right Prosthetist

The relationship you develop with your prosthetist will be very personal and one you will have for a long time, so finding that person is very important. From your first appointment when you may be full of fear and questions and for all of the following visits when you and your prosthetist work together to get the feel and functionality of your prosthetic just right, that relationship is so important. Floyd Brace has the right people and the right technology and we want to be your prosthetic team.

Training and Experience Matter When Choosing a Prosthetist

Consider the following criteria to determine if a prosthetist is right for you:

How much training and experience does the prosthetist have with your type of amputation?

Experience is key, and this is especially true in the potentially complicated and highly-skilled field of prosthetics. You can trust that all Floyd Brace prosthetists are highly skilled and will help you achieve your goals that are vital to your recovery.

Is the prosthetist board certified?

Just as you would like to know about your surgeon's qualifications, so should you look for the same expertise in your prosthetist. All Floyd Brace prosthetists are board certified by either the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics or the Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification. Each Floyd Brace clinician has been specifically educated and trained to fit prostheses and manage comprehensive prosthetic patient care. Patient care is our top priority and we take pride in selecting the best clinicians to better serve your needs.

We Help you with the Physical and Emotional Adjustments

When you or a loved one loses a limb, the events that follow can be very overwhelming. Floyd Brace is here to help you through the process.

  • Emotional adjustments
  • Phantom limb sensation
  • Shaping and exercise of your residual limb
  • Getting around with a prosthesis
  • Socks and liners
  • Caring for your residual limb
  • Skin challenges
  • Daily living activities, sports, etc.

The caring and credentialed staff at Floyd Brace Company is here to ease the process and answer your questions. The forming and fitting of a prosthetic limb is a precise science and we offer the expertise necessary to give you the physical and emotional tools necessary to succeed and enjoy a high quality of life.

Please contact Floyd Brace Company to schedule an appointment or call the location in your area with questions or concerns.

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