What is an Orthosis?

An orthosis (sometimes called an orthotic) is commonly called bracing or a brace. Orthoses are external braces that offer support to different parts of the body to reinforce them or limit improper movement. Orthoses are often applied to feet, ankles, wrists, hips and necks. At Floyd Brace Company, our orthotists and pedorthists are certified professionals qualified to support you from start to finish. Whether that is providing support or supervision over the assessment, treatment, implementation, follow-up or practice management, you can rely on us to see you through. 

What are AFO and KAFO Braces?

An Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) is an ankle-foot brace worn on the lower leg. It is the most common form of bracing in the U.S. These braces provide direct support to the ankle and control its movement to ensure stability and strength. The AFO raises the ankle and foot and prevents toes from dragging on the ground, reducing risk of falling or tripping. AFOs are commonly used to:

  • Support weak limbs
  • Position limbs with contracted muscles into more natural positions
  • Reduce pain and risk of injury
  • Improve or prevent physical deformity

An AFO is also called a “drop foot” brace because it supports the foot when someone is unable to lift it due to weakness or paralysis of muscles that lift the foot.

A Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis (KAFO) serves the same purpose for the knee and lower limb area. If you or someone you know is in need of an AFO or KAFO, contact us today!



Choosing the Right Orthotist and Pedorthist 

What makes a good Orthotist and Pedorthist? Training, experience and compassion. You will find all that and more at Floyd Brace. Our experienced, board-certified orthotists and pedorthists can fit you or a loved one with the correct brace to delay or prevent more invasive procedures like surgical correction or joint replacement. The certified orthotists and pedorthists at Floyd Brace have completed a rigorous education, training program and national board exams and are recognized professionally for their achievements. 

Tips and Maintenance for Using Your Orthosis from Floyd Brace

  • Always wear socks and shoes with your KAFO and AFO
  • A basic gym shoe helps encompass the foot and secure the KAFO. Sandals or dress shoes are not usually appropriate
  • Wear cotton socks to provide a barrier between your skin and your AFO
  • Do not continue to wear the orthosis if you notice red marks, blisters or bruises
  • Check for pressure areas that may be caused by your AFO
  • If redness doesn’t go away, your AFO may need an adjustment, see us for help
  • Do not immerse the KAFO or AFO in water and keep away from excessive heat
  • Use rubbing alcohol to wipe away body oils and residue from the inside of your KAFO or AFO

Please contact Floyd Brace Company to schedule an appointment or call the location in your area with questions or concerns.

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