Custom Fabrication

No matter what level of amputation you have suffered, Floyd Brace Company is committed to designing and fabricating a prosthesis to fit your needs.

Express yourself!

Floyd Brace Company has been customizing artificial limbs for years. This below the knee prosthesis has a Triton Harmony foot and elevated vacuum, all covered with a laminated protective cover that can be easily removed for servicing the underlying components.

Carbon Fiber in Braces

The traditional plastic Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is used to treat physical problems with the patient's legs due to stroke, cerebral palsy, MS, nerve damage or brain injury. New technology has delivered Carbon Fiber as an extremely light weight, more comfortable and stronger replacement of the traditional plastic previously used for the AFO.

Stance Control Orthoses (SCO)

Stance Control Orthoses (SCO) The Stance Control (SCO) from Otto Bock gives the users greater knee flexion while walking and greater mobility. This device allows the knee to bend during the swing phase of walking and provides for greater knee stability. The knee bending with the SCO allows a more normal gait, and reduces the likelihood of damaging gate compensation.

Genium Knee

The Genium Knee provides more stability, is water resistant and more compact than the knee joints that came before it. This state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint utilizes a complex sensory system that more closely mimics the user’s natural gait than any other prosthetic knee. The Genium Knee from Otto Bock has a gyroscope sensor and 5-day battery life.

Negative Vacuum Suspension Socket

The negative vacuum suspension socket offers significant benefits to lower limb amputees. This new type of elevated vacuum suspension maintains residual limb volume throughout the day keeping the fit better and more constant throughout the day and lessens skin irritation and damage.

Symbionic Leg

Above knee amputees can have greater comfort and more natural function with The Ossur Symbionic Leg. This completely bionic leg combines a microprocessor knee and foot for more control that allows the wearer to explore all terrains safely.

Rheo Knee

Speed and adaptability to changing walking styles and terrains are the hallmarks of the Ossur RHEO KNEE. This amazing device actually learns and improves its reaction time as the user wears it. This sleek knee will make each step safer, easier and more comfortable or the user.

Power Knee

The first and only active prosthesis for above-knee amputees, this motor-powered prosthetic knee, acts like an extension of the user. This intelligent Power Knee from Ossur replaces true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required making walking in uneven terrain and going up stairs and inclines easier and safer while still offering a more natural gait.

Cosmetic Covers and Restorations

While some people wear their upper and lower limb prosthetics openly, many people choose to cover theirs and present a less notable limb or appendage that more closely matches their remaining limb or body part. For those people, cosmetic covers and restorations provides great discretion without compromising the effectiveness of the prosthetic. These custom-molded silicone prosthesis can be designed to match your skin tone and include hair, veins, tattoos and freckles and nails.

BiOM Ankle System

The BiOM Ankle System is a highly advanced new prosthesis that increases functionality, allowing clients to walk at a natural speed and gives a greater sense of stability across a range of surfaces and terrains. This state-of-the-art ankle system from iWalk improves function while using less energy requirements, decreasing joint degeneration and pain.

The C-Leg

The C-Leg 4 is the latest generation of C-Legs from Otto Bock. Since the introduction of the first generation of C-Leg in 1990, Otto Bock has set the standard in the prosthetic industry for microprocessor controlled knees. These units mimic the function of the anatomical knee providing increased safety, security, function, and confidence. The fourth generation has increased functions to include water resistance (even submersion) that is superior to previous generations. As with all other prosthetic devices, Floyd Brace clinicians have received training to fit, program, and troubleshoot these units.