Certified, Experienced Orthotist and Pedorthists to Assist You

Do you currently use or do you need an orthotic brace? Are you living with limb loss or an amputation? Let the experienced board-certified orthotists, pedorthists and prosthetist at Floyd Brace Company make life better with the right type of orthotic, prosthetic or pedorthic device.

Having the right orthotic bracing can help delay or prevent more invasive procedures like surgical correction or joint replacement. The right pedorthotic from a certified pedorthist can be integral to the successful management of long-term foot health.

Our certified orthotists and pedorthists at Floyd Brace Company are qualified to provide and supervise the assessment, treatment plan development and implementation of people using prescribed orthoses. Orthoses, when fabricated by trained and certified orthotists, help patients in by supporting weakened or abnormal limbs and joints. Broken bones, arthritic joints, bowleg, knock-knee, knee hyperextension, muscular weakness, and paralysis are all conditions that can be positively influenced by the application and use of these special orthoses. 

Upper or Lower Extremity Prosthesis Experts

Wearing a prosthetic device, whether it’s an upper or lower extremity prosthesis, is a unique experience that most people and many medical professionals have little experience and little understanding about.  The prosthetist at Floyd Brace Company have years of hands-on experience working with people with all kinds of amputations and limb loss. The Floyd Brace Company prosthetists are accredited, certified and highly skilled at what they do so their patients can do what they need to do; live their lives.

Floyd Brace Company is ABC Certified
Floyd Brace Company are members of AOPA
Floyd Brace Company employs BOC Certified Technicians

Please contact Floyd Brace Company to schedule an appointment or call the office in your area with questions or concerns.


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