2014 Horry Georgetown Symposium - September 27, 2014

Floyd Brace Company has been offering an education symposium in Charleston, SC since 2012 and each year we are asked the same question: “When are you going to offer a course in the Georgetown area?” We are pleased to announce that the time has come! Join us September 27, 2014 for an all day education event.

You will hear topics ranging from Pediatric Prosthetics for Congenital Limb Deficiencies, Orthotic Management of Common Pediatric Gait Deviations, An Overview of Hip Disarticulation Management for Physical Therapists and so much more!

Registration is $80 (Before August 15, 2014)
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Attendees will receive 8 credit hours 
About Floyd Brace Company

Whether we're fitting a custom-brace or fabricating an artificial limb, we use the finest products and most advanced clinical techniques available. We put a lot into our work, and we’re rewarded by seeing how much our patients get out of it. 

We're proud of our work and proud of our patients, many of whom have been relying on our clinicians and services throughout their lives. 
Each of our Lowcountry offices is staffed and equipped to serve adults as well as children, and each maintains a huge inventory of devices for patients of any size. We offer the most advanced design and fabrication capabilities of any O&P service in the Lowcountry, and we provide all the services needed to insure ongoing satisfaction, instruction, training and as-needed adjustment or maintenance of any product we supply. 

For patients, this means a rapid return to higher levels of activity and comfort. For referring clinicians, it means a satisfied patient, minimal delays in any course of therapy, and the assurance that orders are being followed to the letter.
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SureStep is the most effective means of providing stability to children who pronate when standing and walking. This patented, dynamic system allows children to gain stability, while still allowing normal movement and function. Children with low muscle tone who have trouble with stability due to pronation can now walk, run and jump without the delays and instabilities that often result. SureStep is not a different brace, but rather a completely unique system that manages the foot and ankle without over-managing. 

Effects of supramalleolar orthoses on postural stability in children with Down syndrome.

Clinical Benefits of Stance Control of Orthosis Systems:  An Analysis of the Scientific Literature

A stance control KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis) is different from a traditional locked or unlocked KAFO in that it will remain locked during stance phase of gait (when weight is on your leg) and will unlock for unimpeded knee flexion during when your leg is unweighted and swings through. This emerging technology offers superior stability when it's needed while minimizing walking deviations associated with having a permanently locked knee. Those with quadriceps or lower leg weakness or paralysis can be considered for this technology. There are several manufacturers and designs of a stance control knee unit. Talk to your orthotist about the right unit and orthosis design for you. 
(Click the links below to view the different stance control KAFOs)

FreeWalk Stance Control System

E-MAG Active

17B500 Sensor Walk Electronic KAFO


UTX Stance Control KAFO

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